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Four Women Living Life Their Own Way

Four Women Living Life Their Own Way

International Women's Day Four Women Doing It Their Own Way Serenity Virtual Assistant Cambridge BlogInternational Women’s Day

Celebrated in countries across the globe, International Women’s Day is an official holiday in many countries and, in some, even has the equivalent status of Mother’s Day where children give small presents to their mothers and grandmothers.

More seriously International Women’s Day is a facilitator for driving real change for women, working in areas such as helping women and girls achieve their ambitions; challenging conscious and unconscious bias; calling for balanced leadership; respecting women and men’s contributions on an equal footing; and creating inclusive adaptable cultures.

So today whilst continuing to globally strive for parity and making a real difference for women by raising visibility and awareness of women’s issues, let’s also celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women and champion inspiring women across the globe.

For me, right now, there are four women achieving their own great things who inspire me in my own journey, simply by living this life resolutely their own way.

Elizabeth Gilbert

For encouraging me to live creatively beyond fear, no matter how big the learning curve at times, and to have an unfaltering faith in the journey.

From interesting and challenging novels, through to the phenomenal Eat Pray Love and onward to Big Magic, podcasts, protests, and wonderfully inspiring lectures & speaking events, Elizabeth Gilbert is creative, open, honest, so incredibly passionate – and does it all with balls!

Elizabeth Gilbert’s website can be found here and the wonderfully helpful Big Magic Podcasts can be found here. Elizabeth Gilbert is in London at Alternatives in September 2017.

Emily Coxhead

A dynamic whirlwind of happiness, with determination and an unfaltering commitment sitting alongside a heart of gold!

Emily Coxhead describes herself on her website as “A fluffy haired, smiley kinda’ thing striving to carve my own way in the world through many different aspects of creativity, especially focusing on Design, Illustration and Photography. My main aim is to add a little bit of sunshine to a person’s day… If it makes a person smile in some way, shape or form then my job there is done”

Twenty-four year old Emily graduated university with a graphic design degree, and in a world that seems so determined to focus so much on fear and bad news, set about doing things her way.

From a Kickstarter campaign in 2015 she set up The Happy Newspaper because she felt that “everybody should hear some happy news every now and then, as a way of restoring our faith in humanity”. From unassuming beginnings the newspaper is now in the midst of creating Issue 6, due out in June this year. Alongside this sits the ever-growing success of Emily’s card range, a new book deal with Penguin Random House NY and a licensing deal which will see her Happy News products spread across the globe.

You can purchase your very own copy of The Happy Newspaper at The Happy Newspaper and keep in touch with Emily on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Elizabeth Turner (Elizabeth Turner Coaching)

Quite simply one of the most beautiful souls I am lucky enough to know. An remarkable and extraordinary woman I have known for a long time, and am blessed enough to call a friend. I can not even begin to describe her story as well as she does, so very simply Elizabeth’s inspirational story can be found here and her coaching work on Facebook is here.

My daughter

I have a 14 year old daughter. For many people that will feed a lifetime of horror stories to dine out on. Not in our home. My teenager daughter is (mostly) a bundle of glorious positivity, beautiful, balanced and happy, has real style and is super helpful at home.

She works so incredibly hard at the things she loves but knows how to balance it with fun and spontaneity or as we call them in this house ‘f*** it moments’ (I don’t encourage profanity but I do earnestly encourage, and champion ‘real’!). She is solid in her conviction and commitment to achieving her own dreams.

She is my sunshine and I couldn’t be more inspired or proud.

For beautiful corporate and family photography her Girl Behind the Lens photography website can be found here, and for contemporary calligraphy cards and prints, her Typography and Hand Lettering can be found  on Instagram and Etsy.

If you need help supporting your own inspirational dreams and have a determination to live life your own way, then I offer a range of virtual assistant services that can support you or your business. Contact me at







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