Has your Facebook feed changed lately? What can you do about it?
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Has your Facebook feed changed lately?

Has your Facebook feed changed lately?

Facebook Feed Changed Lately | Serenity VA | Virtual Assistant

We’d take a wild guess that you’re seeing less of brands and businesses that you have been following on Facebook. And that posts from people you saw before perhaps don’t show up now?

Well, that’s because on Friday January 11, Mark Zuckerberg made an announcement regarding the Facebook environment and how they’ve had customer feedback that has indicated that public content — posts from businesses, brands and media — is overshadowing the personal posts from family and friends. The posts that connect us together. The original purpose for Facebook according to the announcement. In a nutshell, what this means now is that Facebook reach for businesses, brands and engagement-bait media pages will diminish significantly. Put simply your content as a business owner will show up less on people’s News Feeds.

So what can we do?

Be More Human

The Engagement-bait which we all know and loathe, where it uses language on posts such as “LIKE”, “SHARE,” will be hit hard under the new changes. Thank goodness. This type of language isn’t seen as natural engagement; it’s not how we interact on a human level and is artificial and often misleading

Post on Facebook as you would if you were talking to a friend, be authentic, tell your story and talk to your audience with real emotion. But don’t keep it all sickly sweet either, be controversial sometimes and invite people into your online world.

And don’t whatever you do run Facebook contests – these will be deemed the same as engagement-bait under the changes taking place.

Facebook Feed Changed Lately | Serenity VA | Virtual Assistant

Consider Facebook Live

We know how scary Facebook Live (and Instagram Live) are. It’s on our list of goals to crack this year for ourselves, so we know, trust us!

But to continue to be seen, and to stay relevant you’re going to have to get over that fear. Facebook Live videos get 6x the engagement as regular videos on average.  Create interesting live videos, share your story and create conversation-stirring videos.

If we can set it as a goal, so can you!

Facebook Feed Changed Lately | Serenity VA | Virtual Assistant

Use Facebook Advertising

Don’t boost your posts. This is not the same as running a Facebook Ad.

Organic post reach, and therefore engagement is going to go down so you’re going need to learn how to make Facebook Ad’s and if you can’t learn, or don’t have the time, outsource it to someone who knows what they are doing and can do it for you. And using video in your ad’s will help!

Get into a community and engage

We’re talking Facebook Groups. Find something that intersts you, a local group or an area of expertise you have, or people who might be interested in what you have to say or share, and join it.

Ask questions, participate in polls and don’t lurk quietl in the background just observing. You need to engage and build that online support.

Adjust your Newsfeed Settings to what you want to see

If you’ve got pages you really want to see everytime they post then set them to “See First” in the options. And if you’re part of a group set this to “All Posts”.  Skipping out on this and not choosing what is important to you, will mean you let Facebook choose what they think you want to see – and we don’t want that to happen.

Don’t Quit

We know the temptation is there. We manage Facebook for lots of our clients and the panic set in for many of them on Friday night. But the worst decision you can make with this change is to abandon Facebook.

Many of us can’t afford the cost to extensively advertise, so heavily implementing the things above and copious amounts of patience is the way to go. Increase your activity on some other social media platforms, but still keep your Facebook Business page ticking over and your customers happy. Most importantly…breathe.

Facebook Feed Changed Lately | Serenity VA | Virtual Assistant

Because if anything is certain in life, it is that change is inevitable. Learning to ride the changes can be valuable in the long run. This is just another change – and if Facebook is true to form, we are confident there will be another change in its future.

And remember you don’t have to ride change solo. We’re experts in social media management for small businesses, food businesses, hotels and creatives. We’re here if you need help!

Alison is the owner and Director of Serenity VA and provides Social Media, Marketing and Virtual Assistant services to clients across the globe. For more information see www.serenityva.co.uk Or give us a call! We are always happy to discuss how we can help support your business!

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