5 Social Media Christmas Campaign Ideas | Serenity VA
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5 Social Media Holiday Campaign Ideas

5 Social Media Holiday Campaign Ideas

The end of the year is a wonderful time to celebrate.  It’s all Christmas Christmas Christmas, and in marketing terms a great opportunity for your brand to give your social media friends a little surprise while creating more reach and visibility for yourself. And the best thing, with these simple ideas, you still have time to set up a festive social media campaign!

Run a Customer Appreciation Campaign

The Christmas holiday time is all about giving. Show your customers appreciation either with a big giveaway or a series of smaller gifts over the festive season. Reward your fans, the people who are sharing your content the most. You can create a specific post (or posts) for people to share and pick a winner from those who share correctly. You can support the campaign via email, on your website and if you’re a bricks & mortar business, in person.

Create Social Media Exclusive Christmas Discounts

To make your social media audience feel a little more special this time of year, why not offer social media exclusive offers. This could be a discount when they come in over the holiday season to say hi, an online discount if you’re not bricks & mortar led, or simply a voucher for a freebie when they spend a set amount.

Bring on the Advent Calendar

A super simple campaign you can run is a social media advent countdown. Each day of advent you can reveal an exclusive piece of content to your fans. This can be anything from discounts, flash sales, or even goodies from influencers if you work with them to boost through their own media too.

Chistmas Round Ups

Round ups can create a lot of online footfall and website traffic, and is a content format that is easy to digest. Pull together your most popular posts from the year, or generate a list of the best gifts to fit your target customer. Think of how you can be offer something they can’t find somewhere else, what you know that they might now or what could be helpful. You can even create infographics of holiday facts that relate to your business.

5 Social Media Christmas Campaign Ideas | Serenity VA

Christmas Photo Contest

If you have a signature product run a photo contest where customers can get creative. This is a pretty simple promo to set up, and you’ll get more brand visibility from it with people sharing content about your brand.  And if you’re feeling super creative, find a way to ‘give back’ by getting behind a cause or charity that matters to your brand and audience.

Christmas and holiday campaigns don’t have to be complicated and can deliver huge benefits to your brand or business. Do your research and find what your customers like, and you know what use it to your advantage.

Here are a few extra things to keep in mind for Christmas post visibility:

  • Pin posts to the top of your profile on the networks that allow it (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Company pages)
  • Change profile and header images to reflect your holiday spirit or campaign.
  • Create campaign specific hashtags
  • Track your campaign results so you can improve future campaigns.

I hope these ideas help with your Christmas social media buzz and remember even this late in November there’s still time to pull something simple but sparkly together!

Alison is the owner and Director of Serenity VA and provides Business & Marketing services to small business clients across the globe. For more information see www.serenityva.co.uk Or give us a call! We are always happy to discuss how we can help you and your business!

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