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10 Things You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

10 Things You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

10 Things You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant | Serenity VA | Virtual Assistant UKHave you ever wanted to get some help in your business but were put off because it felt too hard?  Does the word outsource fill you with dread? Is the thought of getting another person to ‘do’ part of your business nerve-wracking – of course it is, you know your business better than anyone and it’s your baby.

When we first start out, we tend to have very little money and so we feel like we must do everything ourselves. Then the business gets busy, life gets a bit frantic. The accounting gets left to the side because we don’t have time. The marketing just doesn’t happen or we post a few bits to Facebook, tweet a bit and send out one e-newsletter that took the best part of a week to get our head around, the blogging just doesn’t happen. And as for updating the website, well that’s a distant dream.

If this is sounding familiar, then you are not alone – this happens to nearly every business owner at some point. It’s what you do next that makes the difference. When you realise you can’t actually do everything and importantly that your time is best spent doing your thing and the thing you sell.

So what can you outsource?

One of the biggest reasons people get stuck with what to outsource is that they don’t know where to start. But hiring a virtual assistant for even just one or two hours can free up hours of your valuable time – things that take you a long time to do because they aren’t your favourite and so you’ve been avoiding them forever, hate them or admit that you just aren’t very good whatever task it is.

All of these things will take a virtual assistant far less time because a) they don’t hate them and b) they do this all the time so they are good at it!

That’s why I’ve put together this series of two posts over the next two weeks, of things our clients have outsourced and you could too.

1 | Inbox detox

Did you know that spam makes up over 80% of all emails sent worldwide? I can vouch for this as I seem to attract several hundred each day. Also, it’s really tempting to sign up to ‘business expert’ subscriptions and newsletters but do you ever get time to read them? If your inbox is full of spam and newsletters you’re probably missing genuine messages and enquiries and need to take back control. A VA can do this for you by sorting out all those folders, unsubscribing from newsletters you keep forgetting to unsubscribe from, putting you some systems in place and giving you sight of the important stuff.

2 | Creating forms

When your time is in short supply, things like website forms, survey forms, expense forms, mileage forms shift to the bottom of the pile because these things take a little time and patience to set up. So use a VA to do it for you!

3 | Managing events

We run a lot of events! When you’re running an event, there are lots of things that need to be covered. From finding and liaising with the venue, setting up the ticketing and payments, marketing the event, dealing with enquiries, even manning the reception desk on the day. So are YOU going to do it? If not, best get a VA involved early on and it will run like clockwork. For more information on our Events Packages click here!

4 | SEO

Doing all that ‘behind the scenes’ work on your website, optimising blogs, adding keywords, all those important things you never have time to do but that make all the difference to getting found on Google. Just do it – we have affordable SEO packages and know this stuff like the back of our hand.  When you start appearing in key Google searches and getting more enquiries and sales, the investment will be paid back several times over.

5 | Scheduling Tweets

Do you spend hours tweeting or working out what to Tweet? We use a scheduling tool to support our clients in their social media activity. You know that Hootsuite and Buffer exist but do you have the time and expertise to sit and upload these in line with your marketing schedule? Probably not – but a VA could. Just saying!

6 | Newsletter creation

I’ve known grown women waste a whole week trying to get their newsletter to look nice. A week! Imagine! And that’s not uncommon by the way – it’s very easy to waste a lot of time going around in circles trying to get your newsletter set up if you’re not arty and you don’t know what you’re doing.

We handle newsletters on a daily basis and have graphic design expertise in house to streamline your newsletter process once and for all.

7 | Newsletter sending

So once we’ve sorted the template and your email is ready to go, what next? If only you had a list of people to send it to…so ask your VA to upload your customer list for you and schedule your newsletter to go out when you want. And while they’re at it get them to check the stats afterwards for you and tell you what worked and what didn’t.

8 | Setting up Facebook ads

Facebook Ads are the downfall of many an innocent business owner. You think you know what you’re doing and then a lump of money leaves your bank account and you’ve seen nothing for your hard-earned cash. And then just when you think you’ve got it worked out, Facebook goes and changes the rules.

You could give it up as a bad job; or you could hand it over to a VA who makes sure they keep up with the changes, knows what they are doing and can work with you on costs and targeting to make your ads incredible.

9 | Monitoring Facebook Ads

So setting up Facebook ads is one thing. Watching over them and fine-tuning them for optimum performance is another and for most people, it’s a step to far. But, if you do this, you can save loads of money and work out how to get your best ads performing better. This takes time and patience and a social media-savvy VA can do this for you –  and you’ll learn something in the process.

10 | Proofreading

How many times do you spot an error in a brochure or flyer? Or watch an online presentation with glaring spelling mistakes? If you have an important presentation or communication to send, you don’t want blatant mistakes or spelling errors ruining the effect. If you’re paying good money for brochures or fliers to be printed, you don’t want to regret not having used a VA to proofread it, when you see loads of typos upon opening the box. Let a VA take the doubt away and make sure you get it right first time!


There are lots of other things a VA could do for your business so pick ONE task that’s been sitting on your desk for ages, which you could outsource and ask us to help!

Alison Vann is the owner of Serenity VA and provides virtual assistant services to clients across the globe. For more information see www.serenityva.co.uk










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