10 MORE Things You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant or VA
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10 MORE Things You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

10 MORE Things You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

10 More Things You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant | Serenity VA | UK Virtual AssistantSo your SEO is on track and your social media posting is regular and inline with your marketing schedule now. Your Mailchimp newsletters are working great now thanks to your VA…and that big conference you were dreading organising is all in hand.

So what else can you ask your Virtual Assistant to handle for you? Following on from last weeks post when I talked about 10 Things You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant, here are a few more tasks we, as Virtual Assistants, handle for our clients, and can handle for you too!

1 | Basic bookkeeping

Rather than gathering bags full of receipts and bracing yourself for a day of torture when your accountant starts asking for some semblance of accounting records, why not put each month’s receipts into a ‘month’ envelope and send it off to us to input into your accounting software or a spreadsheet. That way it won’t build up and the cost of the VA will be more than justified when you get your life back!

2 | Press release distribution

Very simply of course your VA can send out your press release but they can also do far more. Here at Serenity VA we can research publications that are a good fit for your target audience and make you a shortlist to work from. We source contact details of the key personnel and even create a spreadsheet for you containing all the information. Your VA can send out the releases or you can get in touch with individual publications and build relationships, if you want. The main thing is to just get on with it – that fame is just around the corner!

3 | Customer service emails

If it’s taking you too long to get back to customers with quotes or answers to questions, hire a VA to do it for you. Give them a ‘cheat sheet’ and your pricing structure, ask them to check with you before they send if you want to (though after a while we get to know you and ‘your voice’ and can handle things seamlessly!) and watch your customer service levels soar…

4 | Telephone & Receptionist duties

Maybe you want to make sure all your calls are getting handled. Maybe you only need a receptionist occasionally when clients come to your office. Maybe you just need to look and act like a bigger company. Whatever the case book your VA, brief them on the task and let them take care of it. You look awesome, your clients feel looked after and you only had to pay for a couple of hours of a VA’s time rather than having a full time member of staff. We are available to work on-site at clients offices (location dependent) for temporary reception duties if required!

5 | Sending client invoices

You know you need to do it but it’s so hard to find time! And yet it’s the lifeblood of your business – if you don’t invoice, you don’t get paid. This is a task we get asked to do ALL the time! We work closely with clients accountants and in many cases upload directly to the accounting systems such as Sage or Xero. It might take you a bit of time to set up between you but in the (not so) long run you’ll wonder how you ever managed. Some business owners we know do it via dictation – they record their hours and billing info onto a voice record on their phone, email it to their VA. Simple as that!

6 | Checking voicemail

If you’re out and about with clients, at events or in meetings, who is keeping an eye on your phone? Even if you don’t want to stretch to call handling, it doesn’t hurt to get someone to check your office and mobile voicemail at regular intervals and either deal with the queries or put them into your to-do list.

7 | Data entry

Got a list of people who attended your recent event and gave you their email address on a sheet of paper? Someone has to input them into your database and a VA can do it quickly and accurately.

8 | Creating spreadsheets

If Excel brings you out in goosebumps then shout for a VA who knows her way around spreadsheets. You might think you can live your life without spreadsheets but if you’re honest, I’m sure you could do with some nifty cashflow or management account spreadsheets at the very least, not to mention something simple your list of tweets you need to schedule. Rather than contending with Excel, find a VA who can do the set up for you!

9 | Diary management

Some of our clients just want to have their diary managed, be given a ‘to-do’ and ‘to be’ list each day, and for them we act like a PA, in other words we manage and protect your time, book in your appointments and act as your gatekeeper. Not everyone needs this but you will definitely know if you do!

10 | Travel planning

Trains, planes, hire cars, hotels, holidays, sightseeing… That. We do that!


And….ask! You might be surprised!

Every VA has their own unique combination of experience, expertise, skills and knowledge so why not schedule in some time to have a Skype or a coffee and chat about what we can do and what we have done in the past. We also have a great network which can support you where we can’t together with contacts in a wide range of markets to work alongside both you and us.

A chat with us could give you some great ideas for your business and you’ll already be talking to the person who can make it happen!

Finally – we like to think we are rather good at what we do and when our clients find us they tend to not let us go! We work to be an asset to your business and make a positive difference to your bottom line.


Alison Vann is the owner of Serenity VA and provides virtual assistant services to clients across the globe. For more information see www.serenityva.co.uk or give us a call! We’re always happy to discuss how we can help!





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